Application Submission

Application submission is closed.

The ABSTRACT should be submitted with an e-mail or mail as same time.

Abstracts from participants living outside Japan should be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail which is written the following items below, to
Kentaro Hozumi, Ph.D.

The contents of the e-mail will be used for the symposium’s programming.

If you send more than one abstract, send one e-mail for each abstract.

The subject line of the email must be "45JPS Abstract _ presenter’s surname, initials". If you submit more than one abstract, number them consecutively. (eg. “45JPS Abstract _ smith,so”, “45JPS Abstract _ ono,s 1”, “45JPS Abstract - ono,s 2”)

  1. Topic:
    Select the most relevant topics for your abstract from the followings, and type its number:
    • 1) Chemistry of amino acids, peptides and pseudo-peptides
    • 2) Isolation, structure and synthesis of bioactive peptides
    • 3) New synthetic approaches and strategies of peptides
    • 4) Structure-function studies of peptides
    • 5) Peptides in medicine and pharmacology
    • 6) Peptides in chemical biology
    • 7) Peptides in material science
    • 8) Other topics in peptide and protein sciences

  2. Preferred type of presentation:
    • Oral Presentation (16min: Talk 12min, Discussion 4min)
    • Young Oral presentation (13min: Talk 10min, Discussion 3min)
      We will have Young Oral Presentation Session for under 32 years old researchers on Oct 29 morning and give Young Presentation Awards to selected presenters.
    • Poster presentation
      Boards size are 180cm hight and 120cm width.

  3. Abstract title:
    Start with a capital letter, then use lower case letters except where upper case letters are appropriate.

  4. Presenting author’s name:
    Type the number of the affiliation of the list (see 6.), then full first name before the surname. Please do not forget to list the presenting author also in the list of authors (see 5.)

  5. Authors:
    Full name. Type the first name before the surname. After each author, type the number(s) of the affiliation of the list (see 6.)

  6. Affiliations:
    Please list the affiliation, town and country. If more than one affiliation is listed, please use 1, 2, 3 to number them. Do NOT use abbreviations in the affiliations.

  7. Contact details:
    Please make sure to fill out all details of the submitting author. This person is the only one receiving the information on acceptance of the abstract submitted. The submitting author’s name, e-mail, phone number, fax number, affiliation and address.

  8. Registration for the Poster Award:
    If the presenting author is under 35 as of April 1, 2007 and wish to be a candidate for the Poster Award for young investigator, please describe it, and write his/her birth year and month.

Abstracts must be submitted as electronic files (Word or PDF) to (the Administrative Office of the 45th Japanese Peptide Symposium) attached to an e-mail with the contents above between August 1 and September 10, 2008.

The submitting author will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of the abstract. If such advice is not received within one week, the presenting author should contact Dr. Kentaro Hozumi () at the Administrative Office of the 45th Japanese Peptide Symposium to ensure that it has not gone astray.

The abstract should be submitted with an e-mail or mail following the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM and INSTRUCTIONS.

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